Limitless graphic design studio with 10 years experience in building business design. Highly emphatic and authentic. We

about us

about us

Limitless graphic design studio with 10 years experience in building design and deliver iconic experiences, services and products that touches people’s emotions. Highly emphatic and authentic. We care about partnership connection and mutual understanding. Our joy is meeting new challenges supporting artistic dreams and business ideas.

2019 - bag.studios Featured as one most inspiring profiles on British the Dots
2019 - Nowodworski Estates won Best Real Estate Agency in Poland 2019
2019 - Official Partner of STGU
2019 - Andy Warhol kinetic logo Project Featured on the Dots
2019 - PKN Orlen contract for creative support
2019 - Dive Brand 2x Project Featured on the Dots
2019 - Packaging Design 2x German Design Award on the Dots UK
2019 - Excellent Brand IdentityGerman Brand Award
2019 - Art Direction Excellence Nominee in A' Design Award Competition, Italy
2018 - 35 logotypes and visuals Featured on Dots UK
2018 - Exhibition artworks at 1340 Art Gallery, UK
2018 - Chanel ad remake, First Project Featured on the Dots UK
2018 - Less is Less Brand Project Featured on the Dots UK
2016 - Cosmetics Design Oscar
2015 - Norwegian brand MenaQ7named Best New Ingredient at EXPO client NattoPharma AS
2013 - Swedish brand Appethyl named Best New Ingredient at EXPO client Greanleaf Medical AB
2013 - Winning Best Scientific Poster Award - Praha, Czech Republic

PKN Orlen.
Nowodworski Estates
Disciple & Rolling Stones
Gulf Oil
Engie Renewables & Environment Paris
Hofseth Biocare
Eqology Norway
Echo Investments
Lund University Sweden
Dr Fedon Clinic Sweden
Karolinska Institute Sweden
Maastricht University Netherlands
Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum
NattoPharma Norway
VitaK Institute Maastricht - Dr Leon Schurgers
Greenleaf Medical AB portal
Lody Makłowicz
Dziadekdoorzechów Agency
Dear Eco.


We are the pioneers of the times that design is becoming science. Nowadays formulating brands and products can be successfully done by using deeply studied contextual frameworks and data models. Our core focus is think forward and generate a business designs not limited to picotgram typography or typical brand system. We dig into emerging fields of data science and behavioral economics into the fundamentals of every brand strategy we expand business possibilities not only using design but preparing a base for defining synesthetical brands, products of the future times.


Being a part of collective can be right place for designers, thinkers and outsiders to become a people of tomorrow. In our studio we dont talk to understand we use empathy and remember nobody is pixel perfect.